what we do

What we do

We pursue innovative R&D solutions and in network with our partners, we cover the detection, isolation, phenotyping & screening of microbial consortia; and design, development, upscaling, formulation, production and proof of efficacy of bio-products for agriculture.

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Our Product Concept Strategy

At Soilvitae, our product design strategy is based on the exploration of the scientific knowledge to stimulate communication, cooperation and complementarity among living organisms (mainly microbes and plants) to find tailored solutions for specific problems. This approach enables us to isolate, screen and select efficient microbial consortia and microbial compounds in a highly effective way.



laboratorio_lab_saberfazerOur Product Development Technology

In the process of product development, Soilvitae applies a novel approach of stimulating biotic interactions to improve microorganism’s efficiency, individually and as a team. This enables us to create a highly effective microorganism inocula, microbial consortia, and natural active microbial compounds that through optimized fermentation and formulation technologies generate products of high quality and potential for improving plant performance and crop yield.


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Along and after the development of a product, Soilvitae develops a detailed plan of tests of efficacy and mode of action of the product. Which involve evaluation of quality control, greenhouse and field trials, and microbial and plant analyses.

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