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We develop innovative biological products based on plant-microbe and microbe-microbe interactions for increasing plant growth and nutrition, plant protection and plant stress resistance.

  • Plant growth and nutrition

vegetais_agriculturaBased on microbial interaction’s specific approach to promote communication in microbial multicellularity traits, such as biofilms, we have been developing highly effective microbial inoculum consortia in nutrient use efficiency (e.g. P solubilization) and in plant growth stimulation (e.g. plant hormone production).



  • Plant protection

tomato-tomatesA specific technology in development process and fermentation enables us to increase the production of antimicrobial compounds of a biocontrol microbial agent, and also to largely increase the effects of that microbe on plant growth. This technology is allowing us to develop products for plant protection that simultaneously maximizes biocontrol properties and are highly efficient in stimulating plant growth.





  • Plant stress resistance

soilvitae_cultura_de_cereais_cerealsSome microbial symbiotic associations with plants confer benefits for plants to cope with abiotic stresses (salt, drought, temperature). We exploit endophytic symbioses to create innovative and effective biosolutions to increase plant resistance to specific abiotic stresses.



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