Soilvitae Services 8

We provide innovative biological solutions for the agro-industry, through research and development. 

We plan development process of innovative biological products, particularly in the design, development, and production.

We plan and interpret results from efficacy trials in the field of organic and non-organic products. We analyze application of results of organic and non-organic products.

We plan, follow and interpret greenhouse trials. 9We develop innovative biological products (nutritional improvement, soil quality improvement, stress protection and pest control), throughout the various stages of development of a product. 

We perform efficacy studies in growth chambers, greenhouse with controlled conditions and field conditions.

We evaluate the efficacy of formulated prototypes;

We do several biological analysis (e.g. physiological, microbial, nutritional) during the essays to allow us to determine the mode of action of biological products on plant productivity and/or their health.

fardo_de_palha_baleWe support production on an industrial scale. Development and validation of quality control methods of organic products. Service microbiological and enzymatic analysis.

We provide for full implementation tests: field tests in order to evaluate the effectiveness of organic and non-organic products, including for inclusion in the product registration dossier;

SOILVITAE – Passion for research, love for the Earth.

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